About Us

The Ohio State Council of Machinists (OSCM) is an organization of thirty-two (32) labor unions which represents over 20,000 manufacturing, steel, automotive, aerospace and other workers across the great states of Ohio and West Virginia. On July 1, 2016 The West Virginia State Council of Machinists was affiliated into The Ohio State Council of Machinists.

OSCM Executive Board:

President: T. Dean Wright, Jr., Local 1297

Secretary Treasurer: Jerry Espy, Local 1297

1st Vice President: Duane Lukens, Local 439

Vice President: Tony Midea, Local 1731

Vice President: Mary Ellen Napier, Local 1471

Vice President: Jack Williams, Local 818

Vice President: Phil Baker, Local 1471

Vice President: Charley Pacheco, Local 439

Legislative Agent: Neil Douglas, Local 1943

Sargent of Arms: Barbra Sherrod, Local 1471

Veteran’s Representative: Fred Confer, Local 1297

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