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Zack Space endorsed as Candidate for Ohio Auditor

Candidate for Ohio Auditor, Zack Space, was recently endorsed by the OSCM.

“Zack Space has been a true friend to labor and the Machinists Union since his time as a small town attorney, and then as Representative for Ohio’s 18th Congressional District.” said T. Dean Wright Jr., OSCM President. “Zack stands for ‘Justice on the Job’ and has committed to use his position as auditor to be a ‘watch dog’ of tax payer money. Please join with us in electing Zack as our next Ohio Auditor, a true friend of working Ohioans and their families,” said Wright.


Pictured (Left to Right):  Duane Lukens, OSCM 1st Vice President, and Zack Space, Candidate for Ohio Auditor. 

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