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Ohio, West Virginia Machinists Focus on the Future

Delegates from across Ohio and West Virginia gathered in Cleveland last week for the annual Ohio State Council of Machinists (OSCM) meeting. A full house gathered to prepare for the 2020 elections.

OSCM President T. Dean Wright, Jr. set the tone early, explaining the foundations for how the labor movement has traditionally chosen candidates endorsed for elections—standing on the principals the IAM fights for every day, decent jobs, and a strong economy—only to have our own message “jobs and the economy” stolen from labor in the 2016 election.

“During my time in the labor movement, we have always sought candidates focused on our message of jobs and the economy. Why wouldn’t we?” said Wright. “Everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race or religion, no matter how they identify wants a job! Not just any job, good jobs that provide for their families, with good benefits.”

Wright reminded delegates of the need to look for a candidate that prioritizes affordable healthcare, higher education and vocational training, a higher standard of living for U.S. citizens, and union and worker’s rights.

“Whoever we endorse will be held accountable on the issues that matter most to us,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr., who spoke about the IAM’s new member-driven endorsement process. “These candidates are going to have to earn our trust and understand that 600,000 Fighting Machinists are watching, listening and voting.”

“Pension funds are in a crisis in the United States,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. “It’s something I worry about every day. I feel it is my responsibility to make sure our members don’t just get a pension now, but that they get it for life. The coming election will have a lasting effect on retirement plans, and I worry about that, too. Our members are being fooled by politicians that continue to make changes that hurt working families the most. If you take the handcuffs off of Wall Street, they can make a lot of money by taking bigger risks on the future of workers”

The Ohio State Council of Machinists (OSCM) is an organization of 32 local unions that represent over 20,000 manufacturing, steel, automotive, aerospace and other workers across Ohio and West Virginia. On July 1, 2016, the West Virginia State Council of Machinists was affiliated into the Ohio State Council of Machinists.

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Notice: 2019 Conference Information

OSCM Conf Delegate Cover Letter_030419-2-1.jpg

Please click on the highlight link for the full version of the OSCM 2019 Conference Information.

Happy Holidays!

In observance of Christmas and the New Year, the OSCM will be closed Monday, December 24th, 2018 until Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.

On behalf of the Executive Board we wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

News & Views

Brothers & Sisters,

Below you will find the OSCM’s 2018 Educational Packet, News & Views, which includes President Wright’s remarks to the OSCM Executive Board and members at the Fall Conference in late September, a list of Ohio AFL-CIO and West Virginia AFL-CIO 2018 General Election Endorsed Candidates, and an educational page on how to be an activist today.

For your consideration, please share this information with friends and family, and reference when voting during this year’s midterm elections.

In Solidarity,

The Ohio State Council of Machinists 

The printable, PDF version of the OSCM 2018 Educational Packet can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted link: OSCM News & Views 

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OSCM Election Informational Packet-2

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OSCM Election Informational Packet-3

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OSCM 2018 Conference Agenda


Press Release – Ohio State Council of Machinists Endorses Cordray, Sutton, and Richardson: They Will Stand Up for Ohio’s Workers

The printable, PDF version of this Press Release can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted link: Press Release- Ohio State Council of Machinists Endorses Cordray, Sutton, and Richardson: They Will Stand Up for Ohio’s Workers

Press Release_OSCM Endorsements 071318-1.jpg

Please view the attached clip of Richard Cordray’s speech to IAMAW District Lodge 54’s delegates at their annual Summer Meeting on July 10th.

Below you will find additional images of all Guest Speakers at IAMAW District Lodge 54’s annual Summer Meeting.

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Notice: Fall Meeting Information

The printable, PDF version of this notice can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted link: OSCM Fall Meeting Notice 2018OSCM Fall Meeting Notice 2018-1OSCM Fall Meeting Notice 2018-2OSCM Fall Meeting Notice 2018-3OSCM Fall Meeting Notice 2018-4

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Happy Memorial Day!

IAM District Lodge 54

Happy Memorial Day

This Memorial Day we remember the brave men and women who have given their lives in service to our country.

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